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Fast Pipe Lining, Inc.

Fast Pipe Lining, Inc. is a company focused on providing prepared Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) liners ready for installation by local contractors. Corporate offices are based in Illinois, with CIPP liner wet-out facilities in Illinois and New York. Fast Pipe Liners, Inc is not a licensed or franchise business, merely a material supplier providing high quality, ready to install CIPP liners to contractors.

Fast Pipe Lining, Inc. provides resin saturated CIPP liners for the rehabilitation in place of existing pipes including sanitary sewers, storm sewers, process wastewater lines, low-pressure force mains and roadway culverts. Brick, stone and even wood pipes have been lined with CIPP liners. CIPP liners can be installed within a variety of pipe materials including clay, asbestos, concrete, ductile iron, steel and corrugated metal. CIPP liners can be installed in round, elliptical, egg-shaped or even rectangular structures - depending on the circumstances.
Fast Pipe Lining


To the CIPP lining contractor, Fast Pipe Lining, Inc. can eliminate the capital costs and operational hassles of CIPP liner preparation. Wet-out facilities that operate at higher capacity can prepare CIPP liners more economically with the savings that are passed on to the contractor. Preparing large quantities of CIPP liners requires volume bulk purchasing of resins by the tanker load, additional savings that are passed on to the installer.

Wide Product Range:

Fast Pipe Lining, Inc. can provide CIPP liners from 3 to 96 inches in diameter. CIPP liners can be ordered to suit specific installation requirements including extra thick or reinforced sections, transitions and reduced diameter downtubes. Liners can be ordered for inversion or winch-in-place installation for use with steam or hot water curing systems.

Fast Pipe Lining

Fast Pipe Lining, Inc. wet-out facilities are geared for high volume output of resin saturated CIPP liners. Using refrigerated transport trucks, liners can be shipped anywhere in the US. Contractors can provide their own refrigerated trucks for transport to and storage at the worksite.

Fast Pipe Lining, Inc. can provide a wide range of resins suitable for any type of applications. Styrene based resins, non-styrenated resins, vinyl ester resins and epoxies can be used to prepare CIPP liners. All prepared CIPP liners are monitored for consistency during the wet-out process with gel tests performed on every 500 pounds of catalyzed resin. If requested, plate samples are prepared & shipped with individual liners